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As a one of the best platforms where we match teachers and students together, we always encourage our clients to share their views, opinions and also rate our services. Here are several unedited testimonials.

I did not know there is such a platform where students of all ages can get good teachers who are so dedicated. The teacher who is teaching me also gave some advises on the best pianos to buy, based on my performance.

Natasha, 22 years old

Thank you guys for the fantastic, helpful and friendly service. I thank the entire team for such a great idea. I will definitely recommend any teacher looking for students to teach to come to you guys. You provide the best.

Davie Chan, 49 years old

This is one platform for people who want to learn about pianos. It is a place I have recommended many pals who are looking for piano teachers and all of them are happy.

Priya Subramanian, 22 years old

I give 5 stars. I am a piano teacher who is now teaching more than 5 students. I did not believe the platform but my wife convinced me to give it a try. I have now been marched with 5 amazing students. Kudos guys

Elsa Goh, 41 years old

Mason linked me to one of the best piano teachers I had. I wanted to purchase a Piano for my daughter but before purchasing one, I decided to get a good teacher. I visited your site and the teacher (Melinda) is just amazing. My daughter now has a happy smile and she is leaning well. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a piano teacher to visit your site. Kudos and keep it up.

Waise Koh, 33 years old

Wonderful service. You managed a special arrangement to make my mother a very happy mum. I truly appreciate you kind gesture. My mum is now leaning keyboard lessons and all the credit is to you guys.

Nor' ain, 31 years old

I saw your site online and I decided to give a try. To be honest, I never thought the matching was that simple. I am now leaning my lessons from Mei Xun, she’s very nice!

Sue En, 29 years old

Your team offered helpful information on selecting the best tutor for beginners like me. Thank you. I am now an expert when keyboard is concerned. Keep it up.

Alice Lee, 19 years old

My genuine thanks to one teacher Josephine and the entire team of this site. My little son Preston has been with the teacher for 1 year and her effort to guide Preston is beyond my words. Preston has become so passionate of music and he even makes an effort to practice daily. I have never seen him serious doing his homework but he really puts an effort when with his piano. Well done teacher Jose. I am so happy for my son.

Tan kian kiat, 40 years old

I want to thank you for the excellent idea. You linked me to the best piano teacher in my area. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a teacher to use this amazing platform.

Kwan Ho, 23 years old

Our Piano Lessons

About Us


Piano Lessons Singapore is a credible licensed piano training institution in Singapore. Our delight is to work with different people interested in learning how to play the piano.


We are always happy to be one of the few piano lesson institutions having highly skillful trained pianists who are both passionate and experienced in the field. They have been training people for many years.


Maintaining professionalism across all levels of interaction with students is part of our mandate. Nonetheless, we still ensure everyone is comfortable, happy and has fun while teaching or learning how to play the piano.


We offer competitive piano lessons in Singapore and you can rely on us to offer high quality affordable training that will meet each of your unique needs or goals for learning the piano.

Our Passionate Teachers

Melissa Yoh
Melissa Yoh
10+ Years Piano Teacher
I am a practicing teacher and I have taught for over 10 years. Many students have attributed me as colorful, talented, friendly and patient but I’m generally all about helping every student achieve their objectives which is getting to understand the piano and making colorful melodies of it. My other passions are singing, writing and acting as well as interpretation and song writing.
Keat Eu
Keat Eu
Played piano since 3 years old
Piano playing is my lifetime interest since childhood and I had the opportunity to master it at an early age. I also pride in helping my students become decorated pianists. I speak four different languages and always looking forward to meeting my students for another exciting piano session.
Shawn Candes
Shawn Candes
15 years and counting
I was once a trilingual international student when I first thought of pianos. Now I have 15 years as a pianist and my pride is seeing my students acquire the fascinating techniques of piano playing. I look forward to working with everyone interested. One advice for students, you’ve got to have the passion and interest.
Cheryl Chee
Cheryl Chee
Teach both children and adults
I used to enjoy teaching younger kids how to play piano before I realized how interesting it is with older passions. Since then, I have made it my duty to equally train both children and adults at different times. I love the piano and if you do too, then learning how to play is going to be interesting, educative and mind-blowing.

Why Us?

The Help You Need

We focus in helping different types of people meet their goals for enrolling for piano lessons rather than just completing the training schedule.

We Are Passionate

Our trainers are qualified skilled professionals who are passionate about playing and teaching the art of playing various types of pianos.

Flexible Time

Our teachers offer flexible lessons and schedules that are easy to integrate within your daily or weekly arrangements without feeling inconvenienced.

Best Piano Teachers

Our piano lessons teachers are the best in the country as we hand pick and make sure we only accept the best teachers in terms of skills, knowledge, character, behavior, etc.

Registered Business

Piano lessons Singapore is one of the licensed businesses and we are allowed to provide professional piano training lessons in Singapore.

High Quality

We offer competitive affordable piano lessons that exhibit value for money and meet all your anticipations.

Anytime Of The Year

We have many experienced piano teachers ready to teach you in any time of the year. We are more than happy to help you find the most suitable piano teachers.

Strong Relationship

Our relationship with students and the community is founded on respect and the desire to ensure everyone is content and consistent.

Call us at 6334 6659 or email [email protected]

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Our Blog

How To Learn Piano Fast And Easy

Motivation is the key factor in order to learn piano fast and easy, you must stay focused and inspired. But first you have to learn the basics, in order to do so one of the techniques is to learn the song that you are very interested with so that you won’t be bored. It’s much easy to learn when you are enjoying what you are doing it alleviates your level of enthusiasm and eventually, I’m sure, you will have the hang of it. If you find it hard to play your favorite song even simple songs like children rhymes that you are familiar with may do the job, Like twinkle twinkle little star. Playing the song actually is better than sitting in your piano and just playing chords and scales for months.

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Benefits of Learning Piano

Music has always been a part of human civilization. From unusual stringed instruments to the most sophisticated percussion instruments, man had always been in search for that which comforts the soul. True enough, the melody of any music is an expression of what is deep down the very core of its composer. A musical composition can be played with one or more instruments. Let’s say a band for example, we have guitars, drums, keyboards and a lot more. This article will be dealing with one of the widely acclaimed musical instrument, the piano.

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History of Piano

Learning piano is indeed a joyous pass time.

Piano is one of the popular instruments in a modern society and is used in almost every setting including the church, schools and entertainment industries among others. Though the current pianos have been modified to suit the modern needs, its history remains intact and can be traced back to the earlier times in the history of the humankind.

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Piano Lessons Singapore

If you are looking for the very best piano institution in Singapore that provides unparalleled piano lessons Singapore, look no further. We are dedicated to providing every student with the best piano instructors that are ready to help them become better pianists. These instructors are music industry experts that teach novice and experienced students. Each and every instructor brings their own unique teaching style and experience to help ensure that their students realize their full music potential. They have one goal in mind: to give the highest quality education in an energetic, fun and welcoming setting.

Are there career opportunities for pianists?

Pianos will be undoubtedly around until the end of time. Therefore, learning how to play it will leave you with a lifetime talent. Football, cricket and other sports usually are short-lived, but most people can play their piano into their late 80s. It’s nice to have something to turn to whenever you need a few extra cash each month. You can teach others at a studio, at your home or teach private lessons in the learner’s home. Piano will give you an opportunity to perform. You can either perform on stage in the recital or at an event. Although you probably won’t become a rock star, the applause you will get from the audience can make you perceive yourself like one.

What are the benefits of learning piano?

For beginners, there have been different studies that have suggested music makes the brain function better. That’s only listening. Playing makes more of an improvement. Learning piano triggers different parts in your brain, and can help slow the onset of dementia, a brain disease that causes problems with memory and thinking. A lot of learners have also reported feeling happier after playing the piano. The reason they feel happens is not known, but this is not as important as the fact that you will be happier. Another benefit is having a sense of achievement. When you take piano lessons in Singapore, you will improve constantly, leading to a sense of having accomplished something worthwhile.

Why we can help you realise your dreams?

We will help you get excellent quality piano lessons Singapore focused specifically on helping you to become a better pianist. We have helped people like you realize their musical dreams, and excel beyond that. We don’t take shortcuts, but connect you with the very best piano instructors. The teachers can teach you whatever you need to learn. They are professional, experienced, and well-trained. Above all, they’re relatable, friendly and trustworthy. The serene learning atmosphere as well as on-on-one, private piano lessons will fast track your progress. The classes are priced to suit your budget and your tight schedule. We are more than glad to assist you get an instructor that will meet all your needs.

If you want to learn how to play piano because you enjoy making music, this is the place. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and finally start becoming the pianist you dream to become.